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We are focused primarily on businesses where our team can provide meaningful value.  We are currently targeting online businesses in the  USA with annual profits under 150 thousand dollars.


Our team of investors has been involved in more than 20 business transactions covering a wide range of industries.  Our experience means that your deal will get done quickly and smoothly.


Our members love their community and have a strong belief in giving back to it.  We are particularly passionate about youth mentorship opportunities.  As we grow, so does our giving those in need.

Sectors of Interest

We do not determine our investment interests based on their industry as a primary gauge. We prefer to look for, and invest in solid, well run businesses regardless of the business sector. That said, we have found that some sectors seem to yield more opportunities which do meet our criteria. Here is a brief overview of our current primary investment interests.

More About Our Game Plan

Our Approach


We look for businesses which have a unique or proprietary advantage vs. the competition.  These types of companies are better able to survive in today's business climate.


We look for businesses in markets which are fluid, and which are in a growth phase.  There must also be an established demand for the company's goods or services.


We look for businesses that have a proven ability to generate positive cash flow for their owners.  We'll actively reinvest this cash for future growth.


We look for business deals which qualify for a mix of financing options.  Don't worry, we've got real money and reliable financial partners in place.


We look for businesses which already have a solid operations team or process in place.  We're going to bring fresh ideas, and we'll need top notch execution.


We look for businesses where we can provide immediate value.  Many of the businesses we buy benefit from our strength in promotions, sales & marketing.
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From Our Founder

I bought my first company at 27. That experience was the catalyst behind my love of digital businesses. I exited that company in 2013. Soon after, I founded rMonitive Limited to find, acquire, and grow already profitable websites and online businesses. More importantly, I wanted to get involved with, and contribute to our community. Today, I am pleased to say that the company is well on it's way to achieving both goals. With every new acquisition, we are able to impact our members and the community in deeper and more profound ways. If you're a website business owner looking for a buyer, please consider us. We'd love to have the opportunity to work with you to structure a deal that meets your goals. Your success is our success!

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